Tanushree Biswas

Spatial Data Scientist
[email protected]

Tanu is a Spatial Data Scientist for The Nature Conservancy’s California Program. In this role, she collaborates with scientists from different programs to explore and expand the application of remote sensing technology and geospatial science for conservation. Collaborating with terrestrial and freshwater teams, she identified high priority landscapes within Sierra California to improve strategic forest management; identified potential suitable habitats to inform strategic fallowing within San Joaquin Valley; tested a Landsat-based method to evaluate the impact of drought within the Santa Cruz Island using Google Earth Engine (GEE) and developed an automated geospatial platform to conduct the Bird Returns Auction program to increase wetland habitat within California. 

Before the Conservancy, Tanu worked as a contractor for the Remote Sensing Application Center (RSAC), US Forest Service, Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a Ford Fellow alumna (2003-2006) and holds a Ph.D. in Ecology from Utah State University and a Masters in Wildlife Science from India. During her doctoral study she investigated the spatio-temporal dynamics of landscape change within Eastern Terai, India and developed a spectral index to monitor the moist grasslands within the region. 

What Tanushree is working on now:

1.   Exploring satellite remote sensing technology to monitor ground water dependent ecosystems (GDEs) to inform ground water use within California. 
2.   Developing Urban Forest Non forest Product for US Cities (including US cities within California) (CODA Fellow, Global Cities, Oct 2017 - present)
3.   Automation of the Bird Return Auction Program to improve investment decisions.

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2019 | Freshwater | Technology | Science | Maps & Webmaps

GDE Pulse: Monitoring Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems with Satellites

Kirk Klausmeyer, Falk Schuetzenmeister, Nathaniel Rindlaub, Tanushree Biswas, Melissa M. Rohde, Jeanette Howard

94,333 unique ecosystems depend on groundwater in California. GDE Pulse lets you see how they have changed over the last 30 years.  Groundwater managers and environmental stakeholders often lack information about the health of critical groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs). To fill this information gap, we…

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Identification of potentially suitable habitat for strategic land retirement and restoration in the San Joaquin Desert

H. Scott Butterfield, Rodd Kelsey, Abigail Hart, Tanushree Biswas, Mark Kramer, Dick Cameron, Laura Crane, Erica Brand

California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) established a framework for sustainable, local groundwater management. SGMA requires groundwater-dependent regions to halt overdraft and bring basins into balanced levels of pumping and recharge. As a result, agricultural land retirement is on the rise in the San Joaquin Valley, California’s largest agricultural region and home to…

2017 | Terrestrial | Planning | Publications & Reports

Regional Prioritization for Forest Restoration across California's Sierra Nevada

Rodd Kelsey, Edward Smith, Tanushree Biswas, Chris McColl, Kristen Wilson, Dick Cameron

This report provides a systematic regional-scale assessment of biodiversity, fire regime change, and fire risk to infrastructure of forested watersheds across the Sierra Nevada and prioritizes watersheds for forest restoration where the greatest risk reduction to biodiversity and human infrastructure can be achieved. For priority…