Elizabeth Hiroyasu

Landscape Scientist
[email protected]

In The Nature Conservancy’s California Chapter, Elizabeth provides science leadership to different projects in the Cities Strategy. She is helping to develop a greenprint for the Southern California Association of Governments, a conservation tool that will help organizations consider nature in the planning process across the greater Southern California region. She also aids on the disaster resilience team to understand how nature-based solutions can help to mitigate the impacts of natural disasters caused by climate change.

Prior to working for TNC, Elizabeth received her PhD at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at University of California Santa Barbara. The focus of her research was the ecological and social management of vertebrate invasive species. Elizabeth earned her MESM from the Bren School at UCSB and a BS in biology from University of California Los Angeles.

Elizabeth's personal website can be found here

What Elizabeth is working on now:

I am currently coordinating scientists to compile data in the SoCal Greenprint. I continue to participate in various working groups, including the design for justice working group in the Natura network and the California Grizzly Research Network.

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2021 | Terrestrial | Science | Publications & Reports

Analogies for a No-Analog World: Tackling Uncertainties in Reintroduction Planning

Elizabeth S. Forbes, Peter S. Alagona, Andrea J. Adams, Sarah E. Anderson, Kevin C.Brown, Jolie Colby, Scott D. Cooper, Sean M. Denny, Elizabeth H.T. Hiroyasu, Robert Heilmayr, Bruce E. Kendall, Jennifer A. Martin, Molly Hardesty-Moore, Alexis M. Mychajliw, Brian P. Tyrrell, Zoë S.Welch

Species reintroductions in a changing world are difficult and highly uncertain. This paper introduces a framework to assess habitat suitability using historic, geographic, and taxonomic analogies to triangulate places best suited for reintroduction using the California Grizzly as a case study.