Tamaki Bieri

Project Director
[email protected]

Tamaki Bieri is Project Director for Coral Reef Restoration in The Nature Conservancy’s California Chapter. Her work focuses on engaging innovators in finance and technology with the goal of increasing the scale at which coral restoration can be carried out. Specifically, she works with partners in academia and industry, as well as restoration practitioners to identify funding mechanisms that capture capital from reef beneficiaries and develop technologies that help to dramatically increase the production of coral for restoration purposes. She is also exploring the concept of hybrid corals reefs —submerged breakwaters constructed of man-made materials that support transplanted coral—to leverage funding for coastal protection infrastructure to also restore coral reefs.

Tamaki holds a Ph.D. in biology from Stanford University, where she studied the cellular mechanisms of coral bleaching. Prior to joining TNC in 2019, she worked in the inhouse consulting team of Credit Suisse, where she also supported the sustainable and impact investing unit.

What Tamaki is working on now:

I work with SeaFoundry, a conservation tech start-up to develop equipment and tools that reduce the amount of manual labor, and in turn cost, required to grow and plant corals.

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2022 | Freshwater | Terrestrial | Marine | Economics | Science | Publications & Reports

Unlocking FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Funding for Coral Reef Restoration: A Feasibility Study in Maui, Hawaii

UC Santa Cruz (Austen E. Stovall, Michael W. Beck), The Nature Conservancy (Alyssa Mann, Tamaki Bieri), Radbridge/formerly Earth Economics (Johnny Mojica, Rowan Schmidt)

Climate change poses severe threats to coastal communities and the ecosystems on which they depend. Warming ocean temperatures increase the magnitude and frequency of storm and coral bleaching events, allowing less time for recovery amidst these threats. Coral reefs complex and stable structure protects against…