Maria Viteri

Randall Preserve Ecologist
[email protected]

In The Nature Conservancy’s California Chapter, Maria is the Ecologist for the Frank and Joan Randall Preserve in the Tehachapi Mountains. Maria holds a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Stanford University where she studied how land use change and other anthropogenic impacts have affected terrestrial animal communities over space and time. Her background in vertebrate paleontology allows her to leverage historical and fossil data to understand the scale and magnitude of change, establishing baselines for conservation. She is particularly interested in investigating and mitigating human impacts on California’s native mammals.

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2022 | Terrestrial | Science | Publications & Reports

Spatiotemporal impacts of the Anthropocene on small mammal communities, and the role of small biological preserves in maintaining biodiversity

Maria C. Viteri, Elizabeth A. Hadly

This paper investigates the ability of small protected spaces to conserve small mammal diversity in urban areas. The authors identified small mammal bones from both modern owl pellets and archaeological sites along an urbanization gradient in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA and compared their…

2021 | Terrestrial | Science | Publications & Reports

Assessing the reliability of raptor pellets in recording local small mammal diversity

Maria C Viteri, Mary Allison Stegner, Elizabeth A. Hadly

Biodiversity monitoring is a core part of conservation practice, however all sampling methods include biases. In particular, small mammal live-trapping, the field standard, produces highly skewed results and is both invasive and labor-intensive. The identification of small mammal bones from pellets produced by raptors, or…