Jinsu Elhance

Conservation Technology Associate
[email protected]

As the Conservation Technology Associate at the Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve, Jinsu's work is centered around the development of research infrastructure for both the Point Conception Institute and the Preserve’s Freshwater Digital Twin. Jinsu works throughout the conservation data science pipeline, from the instrumentation of in-situ sensors to the serving up of data for models, management, and research.

Jinsu recently finished his Master’s in Climate Change: Environmental Data Science at King’s College in London after completing his B.A. in Data Science at the University of California, Berkeley. His Master’s thesis uncovered novel methods for producing mangrove species classifications using only freely accessible data and tools with unprecedented accuracy in Kenya’s coastal ecosystems by combining multi-spectral imagery, synthetic aperture radar data, and post-classification linear unmixing. This work stemmed from his passion for closing gaps in the geospatial digital divide and creating equitable environmental monitoring solutions.

What Jinsu is working on now:

Jinsu is working on building out the Dangermond Preserve’s Freshwater Digital Twin, allowing researchers, stewardship teams, and technologists to clearly and quickly understand and respond to hydrodynamics on the Preserve.