Sue Pollock

Product Innovation Manager

[email protected]

Sue Pollock is the Product Innovation Manager at The Nature Conservancy in California, ensuring that the organization develops conservation science products iteratively with stakeholders at the center, and a path to impact.

With an MBA in Design Strategy, Sue merges the innovation discipline with scientific practice, incorporating lean and agile principles to test assumptions more rapidly and de-risk strategies. Prior to her current position, Sue served in multiple roles at The Nature Conservancy including Associate Director of Marketing Operations, Project Director for Conservation Program Development, and Executive Assistant.

What Sue is working on now:

Currently, Sue is applying lean impact to a number of conservation products and also managing the scaling up of a couple of specific products such as the use of remote monitoring tools in the land trust space and camera trap and machine learning for island biosecurity.

Select products

2020 | Terrestrial | Technology | Publications & Reports

Remote Property Monitoring at The Nature Conservancy in California

Ethan Inlander, Katie Andrews, Contributors: Jennifer Chin, Sue Pollock, Mike McFadden, Scott Hardage, Scott Butterfield, Tod Rubin

With this publication, TNC in California marks a major shift in its approach to conservation easement monitoring. At the crossroads of conservation, stewardship and technology lies remote property monitoring, an emerging practice that uses airborne/satellite imagery and a seamless web-based platform.  This solution to meeting…

2020 | Freshwater | Terrestrial | Marine | Technology | Publications & Reports

Technology Catalyst Fund - 2019 Annual Report

Matt Merrifield, Sue Pollock

Conservation needs to harness technology to meet the complex challenges of today’s world. The Technology Catalyst Fund provides early stage resources to investigate and prototype technologies that have high potential for impact and have effectively disrupted the status quo in other sectors. The Fund empowers…