Juli Matos

Biosecurity Science Specialist
[email protected]

Juli is collaborating with The Nature Conservancy’s California Chapter, the National Park Service and the U.S. Navy to promote biosecurity on the California Channel Islands. Her goal is to implement strategies that not only prevent the incursion of invasive species to the Islands, but also ensure preparedness in the case of an incident requiring a rapid response.

Before joining the Conservancy, Juli completed an M.E.S.M. from the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Bren School. While there, she specialized in conservation planning with a focus on strategic environmental communication and media.  As an intern for the Conservancy in the past, she conducted research on the global effects of deforestation on coastal wetland ecosystems. She also conducted habitat restoration work for Coal Oil Point Reserve.

What Juli is working on now:

I’m working on expanding and advancing the camera monitoring program on the Channel Islands by standardizing the camera setup protocol across the islands to effectively detect an invasive species introduction. The data from those cameras is currently being labeled at the species level, and that information will be used to train software that will automatically detect the animals present in each image. Ultimately, the software will send an alert when a potential invasive species is detected, eliminating the time needed to review the thousands of images captured.